Our surprise, new anti captivity commercials. The first in a series. “End Wild Capture - M.A.D. PSA.” Please watch and regblog. We are up against a corporate giant with an iconic jingle and a six figure ad budget!

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Niagara ADL Vegan BBQ and Bakesale FUNdraiser! | Facebook


Join Marineland Animal Defense and the other working groups of the Niagara Animal Defense League for a Vegan BBQ and Bakesale at the NADL Office on July 1st. 

This will be a sober and safe space and all ages are welcome. The BBQ/ Bakesale will run approximatley 11am -7pm (or until we run out). 

There will be:
-Veggie dogs
-Veggie burgers
-Tofurkey Sausage 
-And Delicious treats from the Niagara Vegan Baking Militia (NVBM)

Leave the colonialist traditions of Canada behind, and come party with us!

NVBM will be providing the baked goods! come hangout!

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NVBM Holiday food/clothing drive for the RAFT

Please join us on Saturday December 22nd from 10am to 2pm as we hold a food/clothing/funding drive for the RAFT Youth Shelter in St. Catharines as well as a bake sale and pick up for Apiecalypse Now! Vegan Bakery gift basket orders.

For those who in Niagara who have ordered Apiecalypse Now! Vegan Bakery Christmas Gift Baskets (with a portion of the sale going to M.A.D.!) You can pick up your gift basket during this drive. If you can’t make it out for this time let us know and we can set up another pick up

/drop off

The Niagara Vegan Baking Militia will also have delicious vegan baked goods on hand for people to purchase!

Items We Are Most Interested In For the Drive:

Soymilk, almond milk, rice milk (non-refrigerated)*
Clothing for youth - age 16-25 
Whole Wheat Flour
Vegetable Broth
Dried beans
Dried rice
Dried chilies
Pre-made tortillas
Low-sugar cereal
Whole grain pasta, if available
Low-sodium cans of corn, green beans, beans (pinto, red, navy)
Peanut butter*
Tomato sauce
Black eyed peas
Cooked greens (in the can)
Yams (canned)
Sweet potatoes (canned)
Corn meal

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you can find us on social media! be sure to follow us on instagram and facebook and follow us on twitter for updates!

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our statement against chocolate

NVBM asks that all future bake sale donations be free of chocolate. This decision has been made in light of the intense amount of water that it takes to produce chocolate, but more importantly regarding the issue of human slavery, and in particular child slavery.

“The truth is that consumers today have no sure way of knowing if the chocolate they are buying involved

the use of child labor or slave labor. There are many different labels on chocolate bars today, such as Fair Trade Certified, however, no single label can guarantee that the chocolate was made without the use of exploitive labor. In 2010, the founders of the Fair Trade Certification process had to suspend several of their West African suppliers due to evidence that they were using child labor.”
(Food Empowerment Project)

For more information about Chocolate check out:

The Food Empowerment Project @

Chocolate: The Bitter Truth @

***As always, NVBM encourages the use of fair trade/unbleached sugar, unbleached flour, and to refrain from the use of palm oil.
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It’s only Wednesday and we’ve had a very busy week!
Monday the Niagara ADL screened the documentary “If a Tree Falls” and we raised money for Daniel McGowan support.

Yesterday was Trans remembrance day and we raised money for Transgender Niagara. The event was so incredible and we were so happy to be there.

Tonight there will be a Vigil to end the siege of Gaza. We ask that you come out to Rick Dykstras office and show your support. Event found here

Friday is Fur Free Friday. We will not be baking, but hope that you will be at a demo close to you! Click here for a poster with a list of all the dates in Ontario!

Saturday and Sunday we will be having a #COINY2012 coin drive and bakesale to help fill the famous Marineland Animal Defense League bucket. The Animal Defense League Office is located at 281 St. Paul St. in St. Catharines so come on out for treats and fun!

SUNDAY! there will also be a dance party at the Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote show at the Niagara Artist Center in St. Catharines! There will also be vegan treats from us and a lot of talk about how shitty the gender binary is, so come dance!

We really hope to see you at all of these events!

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Full Demonstration Schedule/Route/FAQ/Poster for tomorrow’s “Follow the Money” Marineland March. #MerglGATE

Today was incredible! a whole bunch of people showed up for the march despite the cold.
We raised an extra $200 to send to Long Island Food Not Bombs which is so exciting. Thank you to everyone who hungout even if it was -6 out!

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The ADL just sent over a $125 donation to Long Island Food Not Bombs and we are urging everyone to act fast and do what you can do to help out!

We are also announcing that the Niagara Vegan Baking Militia will have a bake sale table set up out front of John Holer’s house on Thursday at the “Follow the Money” Marineland march and we will be raising funds for Sandy Disaster relief and Long Island Food Not Bombs.

bake bake bake and buy buy buy. Our friends in Long Island really need help

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We’ve had a great week! Wednesday we had a bakesale at Brock and raised $55.28 for Port Colborne Feline initiative and Today we had a bakesale in front of John Holers house!
Big thanks to everyone who baked or bought for both bakesales, and to Jen for letting us borrow her good luck AR Bunny!

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There are two bake sales coming up. One on Wednesday September 12th at Brock University with all funds going to Port Colbourne Feline Initiative and the other on Saturday Sept 15th to benefit M.A.D. We need bakers!
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